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The United States of America is the greatest country in the world.  We take pride in assisting people realize their dream of immigrating to the United States, in addition to assisting people in applying for non-immigrant visas.  We also prepare citizenship applications.

The privilege of being a legal permanent resident of the United States can be taken away.  However, the fact that someone is in removal proceedings does not mean a deportation is guaranteed.  That being said, a qualified, competent immigration attorney is crucial to a deportation case.  We have successfully defended many people in removal proceedings and can do the same for you.

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Deportation Defense

Deportaton AttorneyDeportation is the legal process of removing a noncitizen from the United States due to various issues including: overstaying an approved visa, immigration violations, denial of immigrant petitions, criminal convictions, and other problems.  Individuals in deportation proceedings are given the opportunity to defend their privilege of remaining in the United States in front of an Immigration Judge.

An attorney is highly recommended to represent a client in a deportation defense case because of the complex paperwork necessary to present a client’s potential defenses.  At The Law Office of Jamahl C. Kersey, Esq. we also understand that being in removal proceedings can be a intimidating and stressful situation. Immigration law is very complex and constantly changing. We will guide your family through the process and do everything possible in order to avoid a deportation. It is important to have quality representation that you can trust.

Our Immigration Lawyers Can Help You With:

  • Fiancee Visas
  • Nurse Visas Immigrant and Non-Immigrant
  • Board of Immigration Appeals Cases
  • Ninth Circuit Appeals
  • TN Visas (NAFTA)
  • Waivers of Inadmissibility
    (Fraud, Criminal, and Unlawful Presence)

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At the Law Office of Jamahl C. Kersey, Esq., going the extra mile and delivering high-quality service and representation are not just cliches. We take pride in our work, and value our clients. Here’s what people had to say about us!

“Si un dia te encuentras en problemas con la ley, y no te puedas defender, ¡les recomiendo a Jamahl Kersey! Son personas muy profesionales y saben de lo que hablan. ¡No te decepcionaran!”
Jamahl is an extremely professional, competent attorney who cares about his clients. He is very personable and organized, and he fights hard for his clients. I had the pleasure of working in an office with his firm and was extremely impressed with both how he handled clients and his stellar knowledge of the law.
I’ve obtained the legal advice and service of Jamahl Kersey on a few occasions in the past and recently. He was for me and is exactly what one looks for in a lawyer when facing an uphill battle with the law.

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