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Arrested For A Violent Crime?

A violent crime is a criminal offense that is committed with the use of violence or with threats of violence. When a person commits such a crime, the violence is usually just a means to an end. For example, a person that commits armed robbery is using the threat of violence or force as a way to steal money from the victim. In recent years, violent crimes have escalated in the state of California, especially amongst the adolescent male demographic.

If you’ve been accused of a serious, violent crime, you could be facing years in prison, a life sentence, or even the death penalty. In this situation, you obviously want the best possible criminal defense lawyer on your side.

At Kersey Law, our criminal defense lawyers believe that everyone accused of a crime, no matter how serious, deserves energetic and capable legal representation.

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Cases Our Criminal Defense Lawyers Have Handled

Every case is unique, and the criminal defense lawyers at Kersey Law understand that a “one size fits all” approach to your case isn’t appropriate. We will, however, be able to use our decades of experience with criminal law to craft a compelling defense.

Our criminal defense lawyers have experience defending clients accused of:

  1. Murder
  2. Theft/Armed Robbery
  3. Assault and Battery
  4. Domestic Violence
  5. Terrorist Threats
  6. Vehicular Manslaughter
  7. Criminal Possession of a Weapon
  8. Hate Crimes


Having a skilled criminal defense lawyer in your corner is absolutely critical to the success of your case. You deserve to have someone who has the experience, skills, and resources to properly protect your rights, freedoms, and future.

The criminal defense lawyers at Kersey Law can help you by:

  • Thoroughly, tirelessly investigating your case
  • Finding flaws and contradictions in the state’s account
  • Cross-examining witnesses and turning a skeptical eye on the prosecution’s evidence
  • Lining up witnesses, including credible experts, in your favor
  • Using our years of experience to create the best possible legal strategy for you
  • Advising you on plea bargain offers from the prosecution
  • Using our knowledge of the relevant laws and precedents to challenge evidence and otherwise defend you

To take the first step in your defense, you should not hesitate to talk to our criminal law firm as soon as you can. We know what you are facing, and we are ready to help protect you. Call now.

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