When you're made out to be the enemy
we protect you
from costly felonies.
When you're made out to be the enemy
we protect you
from costly felonies.

Client Reviews

I am more than satisfied with Kersey and his team's work. Mr. Kersey is empathetic and professional, and I felt that he really cared about my case. He thoroughly explained everything from start to finish, so I never felt clueless. Even after my case was closed, he answered any questions I had. I am so glad I was referred to him and will recommend him to anyone in the future. It's very comforting to know that there is a lawyer like Mr. Kersey to help the people in need.

Emily C.

I am a 28 year old, Vietnamese American. I’ve searched many different lawyers and not only each were more expensive but they were not sure about anything regarding the case. I am, by no means, wealthy. Mr. Jahmal Kersey and Mr. Nathan Johnson talked with me and helped come to a price much more reasonable than all the other lawyers (with a payment plan as well). In an Asian community, or even any community, when you are accused of things like what I was accused for, you are shunned. The truth is this already left its mark and can only progressively get worst. Mr. Jahmal comforted me every step of the way. He used everything he had at the best of his ability, including his own team of investigators and his past expertise in immigration law. He had faith in me and I had faith in him. He always tried to make appointments and contacted me in a timely manner. He did his best in keeping me from costing me more money and informed me on things I did not understand. He never laughed at me or thought poorly of me. His staff is very polite and very quick in relating information to him. Also Ms. Christina with his investigation team works very hard in over turning over every rock she can. I recommend Mr. Jahmal to anyone who needs someone to defend them especially if you need someone that will do their best for you. Thank you Mr. Jahmal and your team for all your hard work.

Viet B

My relative was in deep water with a DV case and Attorney Anthony took the time to give us legal advice and relieve us of stress and overthinking. This firm is no gimmick they are upfront and transparent about everything. Im keeping them saved on my contacts

Luis C.

I honestly don’t know where to start, but I can tell you I was desperate for help and Jamahl and Michelle B were there to help. Jamahl told me the whole process , Michelle worked with me and was there whenever I needed answers. They both fought my case until the end and I can’t express how thankful , lucky and blessed I felt when they told me my case got dismissed. I was wrongly accused and the team believed in me and fought my Case. Honestly they made me feel like my case was a priority (I know they have a lot other cases ) but they’re very professional and got my case solved and dismissed. I’m so happy I found them and I will forever be thankful to them for everything they did for me.
Thank you to the whole team ! You guys are amazing !
If you guys are doubting in hiring them DONT , trust me ! They will help you until the end .

Karen A

I really appreciate the work done on my behalf by the Law Office of Jamahl Kersey.
I was facing a potential 2-3 years prison sentence for a felony hit and run in which an accident occurred involving a car I was driving and a major injury happened. I subsequently walked away from the scene before law enforcement arrived. and was summoned to court (from out of town!) In my online search for representation I came across an ad by Mr Kersey's firm. At that time I had already spoken with five other defense attorneys and was impressed by a few of them. However after calling their office and speaking with their incoming rep, Nathan, I knew I had found the exact match for me. I was impressed from the very beginning about the amount of support their firm offered and the procedures that would be used in my case. Michelle Bos, my acting attorney, proved to be very effective in her approach, delivery, and commitment to the point that I was totally impressed and on board throughout the entire process. Her assumptions as to the time frames and outcomes were spot on throughout each phase and actually exceeded my expectations. She was excellent in court and begind the scenes. I could not have made a better choice. She humanized me to the procecuter and to judge. My case resolved into it being dismissed!!! No felony. No misdemeanor. No infraction. I never spent one day in jail. I was never handcuffed. I was not fined any amount. I never had my driving privileges restricted. Never required to put up bail (although they even had a bailbonds man in court just in case). Great job of defending me and my liberty. To boot, I mentioned that I spoke with other attorneys and Mr Kersey's cost and payment structure was also the most competitive and flexible one I came across! Thank You Law Office of Jamahl Kersey.

George B.

Words can express how grateful I am for Mr Kersey and his team. He took the time to listen to me and my whole case. He was always professional and talked me through the legal process. He and his team made sure to bring all the information they gathered to the prosecutors office, which resulted in no charges filed. Had his team not taken the time to present all the necessary information, I have no doubts there would have been a different outcome. That you to Mr Kersey and his team.

A M.

No Charges Filed!!!! That was the best news I could have gotten at Christmas!!! Mr. Kersey and his staff held our hand through the entire process. This was a life altering experience for my son and our family. Michelle made herself available for every call and text. She even had allowed me to vent my fears and frustration to her on a Saturday. I know my son will never be in this situation again. Your kindness, professionalism compassion and empathy will never be forgotten and we are forever grateful. Thank you is not enough.

Cheroketa H.

Kersey Law is very professional, honest and compassionate about their work. Every question I had they made sure they took the time out to answer them thoroughly and most importantly help me understand what was going on. They was on point with everything they discuss with me leading up to the dismissal of my case. They let me know that things needed to be done in a timely manner and with that, they really helped me, they really helped me keep my job and most importantly they really help me keep my family.

J C.

Mr.Kersey was very professional and I couldn’t be more grateful to have him as my lawyer. He was hired last minute but hopped on my case and stopped it before it ever went to trial. My charges were dismissed before my court date and I didn’t even have to step into the court room. I continue to have my clean record with no charges and he helped every step of the way. I would recommend him to anyone. Overall I’m extremely satisfied and couldn’t thank him enough. He saved not only my life, but my reputation as well.

Don E.

Mr. Kersey, is a wonderful Attorney.
I had a good outcome in my case.
I highly recommend him. If you are looking for a good attorney in the San Diego area.
He is very professional. He will work with you and help you solve your situation.

His Shared skills and expertise are immaculate.
He will Back you up or he will help you with Additional help when needed.
“You will Create a safety net" during economic cycles with this law firm.
He will Shared resources, such as technology, library, forms, research and other work product. to win your case.
He also dabbles in Cross-selling and referral of work.

Vibrant L.

Case dismissed! Jamahl was hired with only a few days before my court date after an unfortunate situation. The case was dismissed and I didn’t even have to show up to court. Thank you Jamahl for making such a hard situation much easier to go through! Kudos to his assistant Patty as well! They both showed that they care about their clients! I hope I never need an attorney again, but if I do, I know who to go to.

Melissa R.

Found myself in need of representation. Also I have a “checkered past.” Despite having turned my life around & a flawless record for the last 15 years I was worried my past would come back to bite me & given past experiences a public defender wouldn’t do.. found Kersey law online, saw their reviews & made the call. The moment I spoke with Mr. Kersey a wave of relief ensued. He assured me he could handle it. I believed him based lightly off reviews but largely off of the way he spoke to me. He was extremely professional, confident, knowledgeable, calm & all the while still personable. All of our further communication went the same way. End result was me never even stepping foot in a court room. All charges were dropped. Also his private investor was excellent. She saw right through the “victim/accuser ” of my domestic violence case over the phone in probably 120 seconds… These people are pros & they delivered!! Five stars all day!!!!

Nate G.

I was just like anyone else looking for professional help. My back was up against the wall and I was panicking. Long story short the universe had to be on my side when I stumbled upon Kersey Law because I knew almost simultaneously that after speaking with Jamhal for the first time that I was in good hands. He made me feel confident, reassured, and cared for without any doubt. Michelle, Jamahl's colleague is a real example of what "integrity" should be. She made me believe in her so much. Very honest and respectable woman. She doesn't back down at all and she will fight until the end, until the wheels fall off(literally). She represented me and my family very well. She will never actually know the impact she's had on my family and what she has left us with. The entire Kersey Law in general. I thank God for all of them. I am very grateful/ humbled to have met this team who came together and helped me when I was in a clutch. Trust me I know that the odds are against you but they have special techniques in how they defend their clients and I'm in love with them for that. Michelle saw a touch down for not only myself but my spouse as well and we went for it. If anyone is wondering/doubting or asking their self, all I will say is do not hesitate. Kersey Law does not come to play at all. Your case can and will be " dismissed ". Period!

Shar S.

Charges were dropped!! This law firm is awesome. I was facing two felony charges and I was really really worried about facing jail time. They gave me peace of mind and when Mr. Kersey contacted me he settled all my fears and made me feel good about my case. I didn’t even have to go to court!! Would definitely recommend if facing a domestic violence charge they will take care of you. They have a whole team dedicated to making sure your side of the story is heard. I’m so happy that I can finally move on with my life and it’s all because of them! Thanks you and may god bless all of you.

Juan L.

First off allowing me to say if your lawyers office isn’t on point (let me clarify what I mean by on point is ….professional, patient, fast response actually answering and so much more) like this one you’re not living in 2023 and that’s just the start of it. If your lawyer office business hours says 24-7 someone should be there to answer 24-7 no excuses. When they answer they are prepared for whatever you are throwing their way, because this is a part of the job well needless to say Kersey Law definitely exceeded expectations I didn’t even know I had until encountering their service. My experience with Kersey law made me feel elated being a black woman in America to know that my people are doing their best to put a good representation of US in this land is extremely satisfying and brings me joy in so many ways. Not to mention All charges are dropped Kersey Law is head of its league and everyone else is needing to catch up. Thank you Kersey Law y’all are amazing and everyone should know it.

Ann W.

When I needed to hire a criminal defense attorney, I called Jamahl Kersey and it was truly the best decision I could have made. Mr. Kersey was courteous, answered all of my questions and spent over 1.5hrs on the phone with me addressing all of my concerns during our initial consultation before I even hired him and instantly made me feel like the situation was under control. Mr. Kersey explained the legal process, and informed that the goal for my loved one's case was to avoid any charges being filed in the first place, and that he would be calling the police station immediately. In a situation where I faced worry and uncertainty for the future, Mr. Kersey and his team provided us with confidence that my loved one's case was in the best hands. Mr. Kersey prevented my loved one from ever being taken into custody and successfully avoided any criminal charges being filed! I credit this to Mr. Kersey's passion, drive and tenacity. If you or a loved one are in need of a criminal justice attorney who will fight to protect your constitutional rights, I sincerely recommend Mr. Kersey and can personally attest to his legal prowess in avoiding criminal charges being filed. I cannot express my gratitude enough for Mr. Kersey being our super lawyer and being a shining light amongst darkness, in what was one of the worst times of my life, I know I made the most important decision of my life in hiring Mr. Kersey, thank you. - Nick