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How Could You Defend A Murderer?!

One of the most common questions you get as a San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney is, how can you defend someone who committed X? It’s a great question. The short answer is in the Sixth Amendment, which says in part, “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall . . . have the Assistance of Counsel…

What Happens When A Person Is Booked Into Custody?

When officers make an arrest, they have the option of merely issuing a citation for the person to later appear in court, or take them into custody. That decision depends on how serious the crime is. Petty offenses warrant a citation, whereas violent crimes or serious felonies will likely land a person in custody. A…

What Happens At The First Criminal Hearing?

The first hearing in a criminal case is called the arraignment. The primary purpose of an arraignment is to give the defendant (“the person accused of the crime”) written notice of the charges and for the defendant to enter a plea. Arraignments are usually held within 48 hours of a person’s arrest, if they’re in…

What to Do if You Missed a Court Date or Have a Bench Warrant

When you’re scheduled to appear in court–whether it’s for something as minor as a traffic violation that you’re fighting or something as major as a felony charge–it’s imperative that you show up on your court date. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for people to forget about a court date or face extenuating circumstances that prevent them from attending.