Unveiling Our Secret Weapon: How Comprehensive Client Storytelling Wins Cases

Recently, we handled a probation violation allegation that could have resulted in a year of jail time for our client. Here's how we approached and ultimately won the case.

A Closer Look at Our Secret Weapon

Before diving into our secret weapon, let me give you some context through a recent case. Recently, we handled a probation violation allegation that could have resulted in a year of jail time for our client. Here’s how we approached and ultimately won the case.

The Case: Probation Violation Allegation

Our client was facing a serious probation violation allegation. To understand the significance of our approach, it’s important to know how we were hired. Often, when someone gets arrested or charged with a crime, it’s not the accused who contacts us initially but someone close to them.

Emergency Situations: Act Fast

And whether that’s a parent, a girlfriend, a wife, or a brother or sister, somebody else will call and say, “Hey, I have a family member that’s in a jam, we have questions, we need some help, we want to know what should our next steps be.” Anytime somebody’s in this situation, whether it’s you or someone you know, you need to reach out to a criminal defense attorney immediately. You need to treat it as the emergency that it really is, and it’s critical—time-sensitive, even—that you get a professional involved sooner rather than later.

The Initial Assessment

In this particular case, a woman reached out to our firm saying, “Hey, my fiancé got arrested, he’s in custody, I feel like I need to hire a lawyer.” As we had this conversation, I explained that we don’t offer our services to everyone. Prospective clients must meet certain criteria because we’re just not for everybody. She wanted to hire a private defense attorney despite knowing about the public defender option and other cheaper alternatives.

Why Choose Kersey Law?

I explained to her that Kersey Law is not the cheapest option in town. When you hire Kersey Law, you’re not just getting one attorney. We have a full team dedicated to getting phenomenal results. This includes another talented attorney, Michelle Bos, our paralegal, assistant, law clerk, intake specialist, and investigator. This team effort, which obviously costs money, is crucial in helping us achieve the best outcomes possible.

Emphasis on Quality and Attention

The woman was particularly interested in quality, experience, and the availability of time. She didn’t want a lawyer so slammed with cases that they couldn’t give her fiancé’s case the attention it deserved. Despite her high standards, her fiancé did not want to hire an attorney.

Addressing Financial Concerns

He was concerned about the money. And, you know, I get this. I completely understand. Nobody wants to have to shell out thousands of dollars to hire a criminal defense attorney, right? Earlier in the same week, I had another conversation with another family on this. They had consumed quite a bit of our materials and felt like, “Hey, you’re the guy who’s going to be able to do this. You’re the guy. This is the firm I want to go with.” But the problem was the fees were high, right? And she expressed that. She’s like, “You know, Mr. Kersey, I’d love to move forward with your firm, but the fees are high. You know, it’s expensive.” And I told her, “Hey, I agree. I understand.”

We are not the cheapest in town. And I understand it’s a pretty large financial commitment. But what I told her, and this is the truth, the people who do decide to hire our firm do so because they want to be put in the best possible position for a favorable outcome. And that’s what I commit to, right? That’s all I can commit to. I can’t guarantee any particular result. I’m not God. I don’t have a crystal ball. I can’t predict what the outcome of the case is going to be. But in terms of our firm, what we bring to the table—our experience, our dedication, the amount of time we’re going to invest—I would put us against any firm in the city.

And that’s what I can guarantee that we will do: everything in our power to put you in the best possible position for a favorable outcome. And she was ultimately sold on that because she could see the passion and the sincerity that I was expressing in telling her what we could bring to the table for her and her family.

The Cost of Not Acting

It’s almost like when you have a problem with your car and you take it to the mechanic. You find out it’s a transmission issue, and they need to replace it. Nobody wants to shell out four grand to replace a transmission. But if the transmission goes out and your car can’t move anymore, you have to get to work, pick up your kids from daycare, or whatever else you need your car for. You either replace the transmission, replace the car, or take the bus. None of those are happy options, but something has to be done.

Making the Right Investment

You’d rather spend that money on something more enjoyable, like new rims, a sound system, or an exhaust. But this is an emergency, and you have to put the money up to handle the problem. Going back to our client’s case, her fiancé’s freedom meant so much more to her than the financial commitment.

Building the Defense

When we first took on the case, we conducted a thorough assessment of all the available information. This involved reviewing police reports, witness statements, and any other evidence pertinent to the probation violation. Our goal was to uncover every detail that could work in our client’s favor.

The Secret Weapon: Comprehensive Client Storytelling

Here’s the secret weapon: comprehensive client storytelling. It’s not just about knowing the law or having relationships with judges and DAs—although those factors can help. It’s about presenting a compelling, well-rounded narrative that humanizes our clients and provides context to their situation.

Developing the Narrative

For our recent client, we developed a narrative that showcased their efforts to comply with probation, their dedication to improving their life, and the support they had from family and community members. We gathered letters of support, employment records, and evidence of rehabilitation efforts. This comprehensive package painted a picture of a person striving to overcome their past mistakes, not someone deserving of further punishment.

Presenting the Story

When we presented this narrative to the judge and the DA, it made a significant impact. By highlighting our client’s positive attributes and the steps they had taken to reform, we were able to shift the focus away from the alleged violation and onto the person behind the accusation. This humanizing approach often resonates more deeply than a mere recitation of legal arguments.

The Outcome

Thanks to our thorough preparation and the compelling narrative we presented, the judge decided against imposing the one-year jail sentence. Instead, our client received a more lenient consequence that allowed them to continue their probation and remain with their family. This outcome was a direct result of our dedication to understanding and telling our client’s story in the most compelling way possible.

Additional Challenges Faced

Unfortunately, he failed to report as required, resulting in a warrant being issued. Probation violations carry serious consequences, including no bail holds, making it impossible to secure release until the violation is resolved. Despite these challenges, our client’s fiancée insisted on our representation, understanding the critical need for experienced legal advocacy.

Client’s Personal Journey and Circumstances

When I visited our client in jail, we discussed his personal story. Beyond his legal troubles, he was engaged in a long-term relationship, having known his fiancée since high school. A pivotal detail was his role as a father—having had 100% custody of his son since day one—an impressive testament to his character and responsibilities.

Family and Future Considerations

His impending fatherhood was equally significant. Facing jail time while expecting a child placed immense pressure on him. Despite setbacks in his academic journey, his consistent employment history demonstrated reliability and determination. He had recently completed specialized training in asbestos handling to enhance his employability, showcasing his proactive approach to career development.

Overcoming Obstacles

I was particularly impressed by his resilience and determination. Despite facing challenges, such as unemployment and the pressure of impending fatherhood, he took proactive steps to improve his skills and employability. This proactive approach not only reflects his character but also serves as a powerful example for anyone facing similar difficulties.

Reflections on the Case

Reflecting on his case and personal journey, it’s clear that life presents us with unexpected challenges and opportunities. His story underscores the importance of perseverance, proactive planning, and the support of loved ones during difficult times. His determination to improve himself despite setbacks is an inspiration to us all.


Facing a probation violation or any criminal charge can be daunting, but with the right defense strategy, it’s possible to achieve favorable results. At Kersey Law, our secret weapon is our commitment to comprehensive client storytelling. By presenting our clients as complete individuals with hopes, struggles, and efforts to improve, we can often secure better outcomes than through legal arguments alone.

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, don’t hesitate to contact us. Let us put our experience, dedication, and secret weapon to work for you.

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