Receiving a Traffic Ticket: The Complete Process

Police officer giving woman a traffic ticket.

Receiving a traffic ticket is usually a painless process. Most people receive a ticket, pay it, and move on with their lives. Thus, if you’ve found yourself with a traffic ticket, here’s the complete process on what happens after:

Receiving a Traffic Ticket

If an officer pulls you over for a violation, there are two types of citations you may receive:

1. Infraction Ticket

An infraction ticket can be issued for speeding, running a red light, or stop sign.

2. Misdemeanor Ticket

For more serious traffic violations, such as driving with an expired license or driving under the influence of a substance, can result in a misdemeanor ticket.

Another traffic ticket type given is when your vehicle parks in a “no parking” area.

All tickets are complete with a “Notice to appear”. The notice states you will appear in court on a date provided by the officer who provided the citation. If you decide to dispute the ticket, you will need to appear on the noted court date. Appearance is required with a misdemeanor ticket. The others are optional, but all fines require mandatory payment.

Paying a Traffic Ticket

It is important to pay the ticket on time. If you have received a citation other than the state you reside, full payment is still required. Failure to pay traffic tickets could result in further fines, delinquencies placed on credit reports and possible a warranted arrest.

If you cannot afford the ticket cost in a lump sum, most courts allow payment options that may be paid overtime.

Points on Your Record

Depending on the severity of the ticket, there is a likelihood points will be placed on your driving record. However, you may take the option and attend a traffic school to reduce the points or get them omitted.

Traffic tickets are a thorn, but usually easy to conquer. However, some unique situations occur under unforeseen circumstances. If you find yourself in such a case, please contact the Kersey Law office, and we’d be happy to assist.

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