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Police Can Lie to You!!! Know Your Rights and Protect Yourself

Understanding that police can and often do lie during investigations and interrogations is crucial for anyone who might find themselves in a legal bind. In this blog post, San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Jamahl Kersey explains the tactics used by law enforcement and emphasizes the importance of knowing your rights. Whether it’s during an undercover operation or a formal interrogation, being aware of these deceptive practices can help you avoid self-incrimination and ensure that your rights are protected.

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Your Guide to Domestic Violence Charges in California [2023]

A General Overview of California’s Domestic Violence 2023 Laws? Domestic violence in  California and all over the U.S. is a critical matter, and domestic violence cases are rising. The crime of domestic violence includes an assortment of violent acts perpetrated by varied violent acts that one spouse (or partner) carries out upon the other. It’s

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What Does Dismissed with Prejudice Mean?

What Does the Term “Prejudice” Legally Mean? First, when used legally, the term “prejudice” is not even similar to its everyday usage. In an average, simple conversation, prejudice could involve racism or preconceived opinions or judgments about any topic. However, in a court case, if your case is dismissed with “prejudice,” it states irrevocably and

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Understanding the Sex Offender Registry: How Does It Work?

What Are The Three Basic Rules Sex Offenders Must Adhere to in California? If you’re a convicted sex offender in California and have done jail time or not, you must comply with California’s legal requirements for registration for years or the rest of your life. There are many rules and regulations that pertain to you

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The Legal Landscape of Drug Offenses in San Diego: What You Need to Know

Facts You Must Know About Being Charged With Drug Crimes in San Diego. If you’re charged with a drug crime in San Diego, it is usually a horrifying experience, as the drug crime penalties are extremely harsh and possibly life-changing. Additionally, the state prosecutors, in most cases, always try to get the maximum penalty the

Is DUI A Felony In California?

What Circumstances Can Cause a DUI To Be Charged As a Felony? If you drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you are leaving yourself open to some significant charges and penalties. Driving “under the influence” is perilous and causes 28% (or more) of all deaths due to car accidents yearly. Although many DUI

DWI Vs. DUI: What’s The Difference?

In California, Is My DUI Charge Worse Than a DWI Offense? If you’re arrested and charged with DUI in California, you might think it’s the same as a DWI charge. Although they essentially mean the same thing, they, at times, could refer to different types of charges. So, although the term DUI may be commonly

Understanding Self-Defense Claims in Domestic Violence Cases

Is There a Difference between Domestic Violence and Self-Defense? In California and most of the U.S., there is a difference between self-defense and domestic violence. You must be aware of these differences, as they may affect any charges filed, the severity of your crime, and subsequent penalties. A self-defense charge may also be vague (California

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