What to Do if You Missed a Court Date or Have a Bench Warrant

When you’re scheduled to appear in court, whether it’s for something as minor as a traffic violation or something as major as a felony charge, it’s imperative that you show up on your court date. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for people to forget about a court date or face extenuating circumstances that prevent them from attending. If this is a situation that you’re currently in, then you might be wondering, “what do I do if I missed a court date or have a bench warrant?”

What is a Bench Warrant?

If you’ve already missed your court date, there’s a good chance that the judge as issued what’s known as a bench warrant. When you have a bench warrant, this means that police officers are legally able to arrest you and hold you in jail until you take care of your missed court appearance. A bench warrant is similar to a traditional arrest warrant with the exception that bench warrants are almost explicitly issued as a result of a missed court appearance.

Simply put, if you missed your court date and now have a bench warrant out, the next time you get pulled over or have any other police encounter, there’s a good chance you’ll be going to jail.

Potential Consequences of Missing a Court Date

Nothing good typically comes out of missing a court date. At the very least, you will have a bench warrant issued for your arrest. However, there are a number of other circumstances you could face as a result.

For starters, failure to appear in court can result in the addition of more charges and fines. You may also be required to pay a higher bond or forfeit any bond you posted to get out of jail in the first place. In serious circumstances, your ability to post bond could be revoked entirely and you could be forced to stay in jail until your case is heard in court.

The Importance of Acting Quickly

If you’ve missed a scheduled court date for any reason, it’s imperative that you act quickly in getting the situation taken care of. The longer you wait, the worse the situation becomes. Don’t wait until you’re pulled over, when you may be on your way to work or even have children in the car. Instead, be proactive in taking care of your bench warrant and the judge will likely be more understanding than if you were to ignore the situation altogether.

Why Hire an Attorney?

Before just showing up to court on your own, it’s a good idea to begin working with a solid attorney. An attorney will know what to say, and what evidence to present to the judge to mitigate the consequences. This could be the difference in you getting a second chance versus going straight into custody.

Missing a court date is never a good thing, but what’s done is done. Your next step is being proactive in getting the situation handled properly. For assistance with taking care of your bench warrant for a missed court date, please contact us today. Our hard-working and experienced attorneys are here to help.

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