A Felony DUI: How It Impacts Your Life

man being arrested for a DUI late a night by a police officer

Millions of drivers each year are arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In fact, in California, driving under the influence is charged as a felony crime. Here’s a look at what to expect after a DUI arrest:

Revoked Driving Privileges

Even first-time offenses of a DUI result in a loss of license and driving privileges. If your life relies heavily on a car, a DUI can affect your life immensely. Two years afterwards, you will need to seek assistance from family, friends, and coworkers for a ride place to place. The possible burden of providing constant, unexpected assistance could result in strained relationships among your loved ones.

A DUI Is Costly

Working your job and paying your bills on time can get a bit hectic, but manageable with appropriate income and budgeting. However, after a DUI, an abundance of unforeseen expenses will pile high.

  1. Court costs – $800
  2. Towing fees – $215
  3. Fines & penalties – $1,500
  4. Attorney – $2,500 (approximate)
  5. Other fees – Some insurance companies charge fees for an increased premium. The state of California requires treatment classes. Finally, after two years, a new driver’s license costs extra than a regular license. All other fees total up to $3,800.

Job Loss

Some employers might keep you as an employee, but some may not. A DUI could result in loss of a job which means loss of income to maintain bills and daily expenses. Additionally, debt could begin to collect as the expenses from the DUI itself, require payment.

Loss of Insurance

Many driver’s insurance companies refuse to provide coverage to those convicted of a DUI. Lack of insurance impacts driving once the driving suspension has lifted because insurance is required to operate a vehicle in the state of California.

Learn More About a Felony DUI

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