How to Go About the Process of Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

Criminal lawyer standing in front of jury arguing client's defense

The attorney you’re looking for is probably not the one who handled your tax issues or gave you a hand in getting a house. Neither is he the lawyer that helped your friend when they were involved in some accident. You need a professional criminal lawyer, who has some level of expertise, particularly in criminal law.

Advantages of Hiring a Criminal Attorney

There are many benefits of hiring a lawyer and here are just but a few of them;

  • Criminal lawyers have handled similar situations in the past, so they are conversant with the procedures.
  • Criminal lawyers understand how the court works, and they will negotiate for you and have chances of getting a lesser conviction.
  • They don’t work alone. Criminal lawyers have a team of employees that they can work with to help you garner enough evidence.
  • They will assist you a great deal when cross-examining witnesses. They will definitely ask questions you could never imagine and maybe end up nullifying the witnesses’ evidence.

What to Present to Your Criminal Lawyer

Several documents are not only required by the lawyer, but also by the court. Here are some of the documents you should carry along to avoid inconveniences.

  • The documents that show your charges from the court
  • Some pressing questions that you might be having for your potential lawyer
  • The bail papers
  • You also need to carry a copy of the police report
  • Ensure you have a list of your witnesses, defendants, and victims

Potential Questions to Ask Your Lawyer

The more the questions you ask your lawyer, the more the anxiety leaves you. This is because he will help you address the critical issues that might be weighing you down. He will also make you conversant with the procedures and to handle the situation. This list could offer some potential questions to ask your attorney. However, you are not limited to them.

  • What stand do I have to take? Guilty or not guilty?
  • Potential outcomes of my case?
  • What do I need to say and what shouldn’t I say?
  • Likely challenges we will face, and how shall we handle them?


You need to get to a consensus of how you should pay the lawyer. Some might ask you to pay them on an hourly rate while others will ask you for a flat-rate fee. If your case is just a misdemeanor, the pay will be lesser than for someone who committed a felony.

Asking strikingly knowledgeable questions will help you get the perfect lawyer. If you might be still unsure of the best lawyer to contact, running a background check of how many successful cases the lawyer has handled. At Kersey Law, we’re here to assist you with any of your legal matters. For a free consultation, please contact us today.

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